Going to Santorini has always been a bucketlist item for us, but the insane crowds in high season always kept us from actually booking the trip. Until Covid-19 changed everything and Greece was one of the only countries we could travel to. So we booked flights to Greece and started looking which luxury hotels we wanted to stay at… But which luxury hotel to choose in Santorini?

While the island isn’t very big, the choice when it comes to luxury hotels in Santorini is huge. We didn’t quite know where to start, but after hours and hours of research, we decided on three properties. While all three hotels we chose are totally different, they also had a few things in common:

  • A large and modern suite
  • A heated private (plunge) pool
  • Spectacular sunsets from our private terrace

At the bottom of this article you’ll find a map with the exact location of the three hotels, so keep scrolling.

Now let’s have a look at which three hotels we stayed at, and which one you should book for your next trip to Santorini.

Hotel 1: Cavo Tagoo Santorini

Cavo Tagoo Santorini is a relatively new luxury hotel located just outside the beautiful town of Imerovigli on one of the best bits of the Caldera. We loved our suite here with a huge private pool and the most amazing sunset views. The interior design is modern, but very comfortable. Our suite here was very private as well (for Santorini standards) so we spent most of our time in our little private bubble.

The main pool is definitely the highlight of the hotel, with a bit of a party atmosphere towards sunset and great views. Expect lots of people taking pictures and selfies to try and get that perfect Instagram shot.

Cavo Tagoo Santorini only has one restaurant ‘Ovac’, but it’s a great restaurant that’s always completely full. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner here and especially breakfast and dinner were amazing! Cavo Tagoo is definitely one of the ultimate hotspots in Santorini.

You should book Cavo Tagoo if you want:

  • to stay in Santorini’s ultimate hotspot
  • spectacular sunset views
  • modern and comfortable rooms
  • a good amount of privacy
  • informal service
  • and great (but pricey) food

Don’t stay here if you want:

  • to be walking distance away from everything

Hotel 2: Grace Santorini, Auberge Resorts Collection

Grace Hotel Santorini is located in the city centre of Imerovigli, just in front of the Skaros Rock and is probably the hotel with the best views in Santorini. The design is a bit more contemporary and everything here is of the highest quality. Our suite had a small heated plunge-pool and the biggest and most luxurious bathroom of any Santorini hotel.

The plunge-pools here are very hot, which makes them great for early morning or late night relaxing when it’s a little colder outside, or if you plan to stay in shoulder season. During the day, we always went to the stunning main pool if we were in need of some refreshment.

Grace Santorini only has one restaurant, where they serve breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast is a daily changing 5-course set menu with complimentary champagne, while dinner is more fine-dining. We didn’t have lunch here as we were always exploring. Every evening we received a great turndown gift, ranging from high-end tea with candy, Aegean negroni’s, special types of healthy waters, …

You should book Grace Santorini if you want:

  • to stay in the centre of Imerovigli
  • the best views in Santorini
  • the biggest and most luxurious bathrooms
  • a HOT plunge-pool/jacuzzi
  • a more formal service
  • an original turndown gift every evening

Don’t stay here if you want:

  • Complete privacy

Hotel 3: Andronis Arcadia

Andronis Arcadia is the newest member of the Andronis Exclusive family and is the perfect hotel if you want to stay in Oia, without being bothered by the always-present flocks of tourists looking onto your private terrace. The hotel’s design is very modern with lots of earthy tones, which is a great change to the typical Santorini-whites you get to see in most other hotels on the island.

Rooms are very comfortable and each room features it’s own heated plunge pool, which is perfectly heated and can be used both during the day as well as early mornings and late evenings. The highlights of this property are definitely the beautiful main pool area and the spa (the biggest one in Santorini), but what makes this hotel really special is the people who work here. The only place on earth where we have had the pleasure to experience such kindness and genuine service is the Maldives. Every member of staff here has the goal to make your stay as perfect as possible and nothing is too much trouble at Andronis Arcadia.

Andronis Arcadia actually has two restaurants, but only one of them was open during our stay. The Pacman restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located at the main people, serves a mix of Greek taverna food and sushi, while the Opson restaurant serves a tasting menu based on very ancient Greek dishes.

You should book Andronis Arcadia if you want:

  • to stay in the centre of Oia without the crowds
  • complete privacy
  • unobstructed sunset views
  • a perfectly heated private pool
  • the most attentive and genuine service on the island
  • a relaxing stay with an amazing spa
  • a bespoke service where everything is possible and nothing is too much trouble

Don’t stay here if you want:

  • the famous Santorini views


You can’t do much wrong with any of these three hotels in Santorini. They all have something different to offer and cater to different crowds, but each hotel is great in it’s own way.

If you’re planning on staying in Santorini for a week or longer, we’d highly recommend trying 2 different hotels. Transfers between hotels are complimentary and won’t take longer than 20-30 minutes and it’s always nice to have a change of scenery!

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