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Verge Girl is an Australian brand created by sister duo Daniella Dionyssiou and Natalia Suesskow. It all began with their clothing boutique in Brisbane in 2007. A few year later, in 2013, they started their e-commerce store! And it has been a huge success ever since.

One of the company values is that they aim to be a style destination, rather than a brand destination. It’s all in the way they style the clothing that makes such a huge difference, compared to some other e-commerce stores! Verge Girl makes it so easy to create a great style and look, without making it difficult! They sell the complete outfit so you can get everything from the earrings to the necklace, top, skirt, hat, shoes,…

Another huge value is the fact that every week there are over 100 new items on the webshop! Something that’s really important these days, we all love seeing something new every time we go to a store or a webshop.

I am a big fan of Verge Girl, that’s for sure! It’s young, it’s affordable and it is fashionable! LOVE IT!

Lots of love,




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