Marrakech has to be one of our favourite cities. We’ve visited this magical place 3 times already and we still haven’t seen it all. After getting lots of requests for a blogpost about Marrakech…. HERE IT IS!

If you want to know our favourite restaurants in Marrakech, have a look at our Top 10 places to eat in Marrakech.

Some tips and tricks

Getting around

The best way to get around in Marrakech is by taxi or by foot. There are two sorts of taxis in Marrakech: the petits taxis and the grands taxis. The petits taxis are, as the name suggests, small taxis that are cheaper but will only drive inside the city centre and not further. The grands taxis are a bit more expensive but will drive you (almost) everywhere. For example, a petit taxi from the airport to the city centre will cost you 70 MAD (+- €7), while a grand taxi will set you back 100 MAD (+- 10€).

While taking a taxi in Marrakech can be very convenient, it can also be a real hassle, because many taxi drivers will do their utmost best to rip off tourists!


  • If you’re staying in a hotel outside the city centre (like we would recommend – like Les Deux Tours or the Fairmont Royal Palm), most hotels will have a complimentary shuttle service to Gueliz (the new city) or the Medina (the old town) or even both: TAKE IT!
  • ALWAYS ask the taxi to turn on the meter! If they don’t have one or they say it’s broken, just walk out and take another one or read the following tip:
  • Negotiate a price BEFORE stepping into the taxi and know your prices! A taxi from the Medina to one of the top touristic sights such as the Jardins Majorelle (check out our top 10 places to visit in Marrakech here) should never be more than 30 MAD (+- €3). In fact, taking a taxi from one side of town to the other should never be be more than 50 MAD (+- €5).
  • Remember that a petit taxi can only transport 3 people and is non-exclusive! Don’t worry if the taxi driver suddenly stops and takes another passenger, that’s just the way it goes!

Buy a sim card

Not only in Morocco, but in every country we visit (even if it’s only for 3 days), the first thing we do at the airport is buy a sim card. It comes in handy to have 4G everywhere and it’s most likely noticeably cheaper than roaming on your own network. We bought an Orange simcard at Marrakech airport and we paid 100 MAD (+- €10) for 10GB of data, which for us is about 2 week of data, but for most people who don’t rely on their cellphone for work, will last months! Cheap and convenient!

Dress respectfully

Sometimes we see women walking around in tiny shorts and crop tops in the middle of the Medina. While you can definitely wear this in your hotel, you should try to dress respectfully when visiting the Medina. Nobody is asking you to cover up completely, but covering up shoulders and knees is a great start! For more tips about how to dress in Marrakech, you can read our Marrakech style guide.

1. Get lost in the Medina

Getting lost in the Medina has made us discover the most beautiful places and has shown us the real Marrakech, and we would suggest anyone to do just that: get lost! While some people have told us that it scared them to get lost in the Medina, there shouldn’t be a reason for that. Yes, it may be a cultural shock for some, and yes locals will yell in your direction or sometimes grab you by the arm, but it’s all in good fashion. Just make sure to have a working sim card for Google Maps or download and you’ll be fine. Of course we don’t recommend getting lost at night, because just like in every place you visit, you have to take caution.

2. Shop in the Souks

We’re not lying by saying we would want to buy everything for our house here! If you like the berber style, you will find the most beautiful carpets, cushions, lanterns, and other decoration here. Never pay the price demanded by the vendor, though! You can get a long way with some bargaining skills.

3. Ben Youssef Madrasa

This place used to be the largest Islamitic college in Morocco and is now a historical site. We have visited this place 3 years ago. But unfortunately since last year they have been renovating one of the most beautiful places to visit in Marrakech. They will probably need another year before reopening, but please check this with your hotel when you’re in Marrakech. And definitely let us know if it’s open again!

4. El Badii Palace

It is a ruined palace commissioned by the sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur of the Saadian Dynasty. It’s a beautiful place to visit! Little extra, Dior had their fashionshow here a few months ago and it was magical!

5. Bahia Palace

Another beautiful palace with a set of gardens in the centre of Marrakech! It’s a really colourful place and great for photos! It can get very touristy and crowded so we would highly recommend visiting early in the morning or just before closing time!

6. Saadian Tombs

These are probably one of the most beautiful tombs you will ever see! The decorative walls, the colors, the marble,… it’s absolutely beautiful.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Museum

This museum has only been there for about 2 years. It includes an exhibition hall featuring some of his most stunning designs. For any fashionista, it’s an absolute must to go here.

8. Le Jardin Majorelle

Without a doubt the most famous tourist attraction in Marrakech. People come from all over the world to see these gardens. Be prepared for a very crowded visit but it’s absolutely worth the wait!
A little tip: you can also buy tickets at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum for Le Jardin Majorelle, so you don’t have to stand in line twice. And the line at the YSL museum is usually less crowded.

9. Eat & drink

Drink lots of moroccan tea because it’s sooo yum!! And some things you have to eat while you’re here: Tajine, Pastilla, Moroccan salads and Moroccan pastries.
If you want to know where to eat & drink, read our blogpost about our favourite places to eat in Marrakech.

10. Take a daytrip from Marrakech

There are multiple options for a daytrip! Some examples are a night at a desert camp like Scarabeo camp or Inara Camp. Or you can take a daytrip to places like Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddou. We can highly recommend it as Ait Ben Haddou is UNESCO world heritage and it’s one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. A lot of tour companies will tell you to do it in 2 days, but we did it in 1 day and it’s perfectly doable if you leave Marrakech early in the morning.


One of our favourite things to do in Marrakech is taking pictures. It’s absolutely photography heaven. If you want to take your pictures to the next level and edit them with just one click, we highly recommend checking out our Passport Presets available here (and on sale right now)!



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