A little oasis of calm and tranquility at Les Deux Tours

1. Les Deux Tours Intro

Les Deux Tours is a small hotel with 40 suites and villas just outside Marrakech in the Palmeraie. The large gardens and the small number of rooms make it the perfect hotel to escape the hustle and bustle of busy Marrakech.

2. Transfer

As you might know by now, we like to do different hotels when we go to a country. So the nights before staying at Les Deux Tours we were staying at the Fairmont Royal Palm. The Fairmont charges 350 MAD (+-35€) for a car to drive you 25 minutes to the city centre. With the drive to Les Deux Tours being more than 35 minutes, we were prepared to pay about 500 MAD (+-50€) for the trip. That is until we heard from Les Tours that they could pick us up for 200 MAD (+-€20). We decided to order the car from Les Deux Tours and asked to pick us up at noon.

When we checked out of the Fairmont at noon, the car was already waiting for us. The driver helped us put our suitcases in the trunk and off we went. Moroccan drivers tend to prefer driving with the windows open instead of putting the A/C on. While we like open windows, when it’s close to 40 degrees Celsius outside, it isn’t exactly cooling. The car was a recent Peugeot which had comfortable leather seats and plenty of legroom. It was more than adequate for a 35 minute drive. We didn’t expect cold towels or anything for that price, but a little bottle of water would have been a nice touch.

3. Check-in

On arrival we were greeted by the most amazing host Chantal, who’s the real star of the property. No idea how long she’s been working at Les Deux Tours, but definitely longer than 10 years. During those years she has mastered the art of making every guest feel right at home. We took a seat in the small seating area of the lobby, where we filled in a paper while drinking a delicious little welcome drink made with flowers. We were then escorted to our junior suite by Chantal. All in all, the check-in didn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

4. Design

We also stayed at the resort 3 years ago, and noticed some small changes design-wise. While in the past the style was very traditionally Moroccan, we would now call it more contemporary Oriental. Expect original Moroccan materials in the rooms with some modern touches. Even though the hotel is outside of the city centre, you’ll still have Marrakech feeling, no matter where you are in the hotel.

5. Rooms

We got to experience two types of rooms during our stay: a junior suite and a pool suite.

The junior suite was a decent size featuring 2 separate terraces: one with a table and two chairs, the other with two sun beds. The bed was absolutely huge (240cm wide!) and very comfortable, and the room featured a nice little sitting area. The bathroom however only featured a bath with no place to attach the showerhead to the wall, which wasn’t ideal. It did have a double sink, which is always nice and the water pressure was really good. Similar to the rest of the hotel, we really liked the design and the decoration.

The pool suite (named So Chic) on the other hand was absolutely huge! It featured a very large living area with a sofa and some fauteuils and a table which seats 4 people. There was also an additional little seating area next to the fire place which we didn’t really use because of the heat outside, but could be really cosy during winter times. The same 240cm wide bed as in the junior suite was found in the bedroom, as well as noisy air conditioning system unfortunately. The bathroom also featured a double sink and a separate bathtub. On top of that there was also a large walk in shower with a rain head big enough to shower together! Oh, and the pool suite also had a pool which had a perfect temperature and got lots of direct sunlight!

6. Common areas

The gardens and the pool area is where you’ll be spending most of your stay here and they are beautiful! Everything is very well maintained and you will see gardeners working around the clock. The main pool is large, photogenic and offers plenty of sun beds. If you really want a more secluded spot, there are plenty of little sitting areas and cabanas spread all around the gardens. It’s the perfect place for reading your favourite book in pure tranquility.

7. Spa / Wellness

The spa you’ll find here is very traditional and Moroccan. The property describes it as ‘a dream of oriental traditions‘ and we couldn’t agree with it more. During our most recent stay we did a 1 hour couple hammam treatment and we absolutely loved it. It includes henna, black soap scrub, ghassoul, soaping, purity facial care, zen & silky head and sensory pool. This particular treatment will make your skin feel like that of a newborn baby. We would definitely recommend doing the 1 hour hammam instead of the 30 minute version, which is much less of an experience. Three years ago Laura also had a massage here and she still considers it one of the best massages she has ever had (and she has had a lot of them!).

8. Food & Beverage

If you look at our blogpost of Top 10 Best Places to Eat in Marrakech you will notice that Les Deux Tours is included in the list, and that kind of says it all. While we don’t love the breakfast (limited buffet), we absolutely love the lunch and dinner options here.

For lunch you can eat on your lounger by the pool or at La Pergola, the restaurant overlooking the main pool. The menu consists of some delicious salads (definitely try the thai beef one!), some sandwiches, burgers and also more traditional items such as briouates, pastillas and tagines. It’s very casual so swimshorts and a t-shirt or a bikini with a cover up is perfectly fine.

For dinner there is Salammbô, which is the gastronomic restaurant. The menu here is a mix of traditional moroccan dishes and french cuisine. It also included a small Thai menu for those who want something else to eat than the standard Moroccan and French cuisine you’ll find everywhere in Marrakech. The food and the service are really great, and even though the hotel only has 40 suites and doesn’t attract too many outside guests for dinner, you’ll still find the restaurant to be almost full most of the nights, which says it all in a city with so many great dining options!

9. Service

One thing we learned in Marrakech, even at the most luxurious hotels, is that service will always be hit and miss. While the Moroccan staff will always try and accommodate and do their utmost best, you just can’t expect the same service you’ll get in Asia. The service at the hotel is mainly very good and always with a huge smile, but sometimes can be slow. One night it took more than 30 minutes from the moment we sat down to the moment our two cocktails arrived at the table, but all of that was quickly forgotten when we saw our waiter’s huge smile and tasted the two signature cocktails (a Lavender Fizz and a Les Deux Tours – try them).

10. Value for money

For the price you pay, Les Deux Tours is one of the top choices in Marrakech, without a doubt. In peak season room rates start at 2000 MAD (+-€200) per night and a pool suite like the one we had will set you back 6000 MAD (+-€600) – book here. There are some free shuttles available from the hotel to the new town and back which is nice. But even if the shuttles don’t match your itinerary, the hotel car will bring you to the city centre for just 100 MAD (+-€10). Food and beverage prices have gone up significantly the last couple of years. Although on the rise, they are still very reasonable and slightly less than what most other similar hotels would charge.

11. Summary of Les Deux Tours

Les Deux Tours is a great hotel if you want to stay just outside of busy Marrakech without having to break the bank. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing holiday with easy access to the most important sight-seeing spots in Marrakech. The hotel is beautiful and while some small things could still be improved, we noticed that under the new Italian GM Eros Abrile, things are going in the right direction! This is the third time we stayed at Les Deux Tours and it just keeps on getting better and better!

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