The United States is an enormously large country where a lot of people would love to go to, but because the country has so much to offer it is highly recommended to make concrete decisions on where you want to go, and what you want to see and experience. Will you choose for a lengthy road trip, go for a walk in the wide expanses of nature, or relax at the beach and go surfing? Or maybe just a little bit of everything.

Before you can even begin making your plans, you have to get your paperwork in order. In order to make a trip to the USA, you need a so-called ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). Even if you are simply making a transfer in the US. You also need to present a ticket for a return flight to prove that you don’t intend to stay longer than your ESTA allows, as otherwise you would need a visa. You can easily apply for your ESTA online and it is valid for two years. The costs are 29,95 euros per person. Once you’ve got this all settled out, the USA offers you endless possibilities for a fun holiday. Here is some inspiration.


If you are a lover of nature, then the Grand Canyon, a chasm no less than four hundred kilometres long, is the destination to go to. Those that visit it don’t drive around in their car, but like to go hiking there. This way, you can experience the majesty of this natural wonder up close.


The city of New York is of course one of the most famous destinations in the world. The city that never sleeps. Every inch of New York is alive with activity day and night, and you’ll never have a dull moment. Central Park seems to be the only somewhat quiet place.


The USA has a lot of beaches and coastal resorts. Miami beach is the most popular one. In the southern-most point of the state Florida, it is twenty degrees even during the winter. Need we say more? Aside from the beach, you also find some of the most popular streets in the world, such as Ocean Drive. On one side you have the sea and the beach, and on the other hotels and bars. The perfect combination.


It’s a fair bit off the shore, but it’s still part of the country: Hawaii. Once again with beautiful beaches and the right waves for who likes to go surfing. Inland you’ll find volcanoes and tropical rainforest .


They cannot be left unmentioned, the Niagara Falls. On the border with Canada you can find these waterfalls, the largest in the world, with a width of 670 meters. The waterfalls are over twelve thousand years old. There are beautiful viewpoints from which you can see the waterfalls up close, and you can also sail past them on a boat.


Experts say it’s the most beautiful piece of road in the USA: the two hundred kilometres long Pacific Coast Highway. Waves that crash into the rocks, spectacular sights and a fair few sharp bends. It is recommended to not take the road in one go, but to do it in stages and stay in different villages as you travel. 

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