The Gili islands are known for being the ultimate paradise. They are actually a part of Lombok instead of Bali. Want to learn more about them or visit them? This Gili Islands Guide will tell you everything you need to know!

As you might know, there has been a serious earth quake at Lombok and the surrounding islands. The Gili islands were also a victim. We could still see a lot of damage on the islands and it was a lot calmer than it used to be before the earth quake. The people here really need the tourists to come back… So don’t be afraid to visit the Gili Islands!

To get here you can either take a slow ferry or a fast boat from Bali or Lombok.

There are no cars on the Gili’s so the best way to discover the island is by renting a bike or discover the islands by foot.


Now the big question… Which Gili island should you visit? This really depends on personal interests.

  • Gili Trawangan is known as the party island and is the most developed island of all three. But also the most touristic one. If you love an evening out, then this is the right place for you.
  • Gili Meno is the opposite of Gili T! It’s very quiet, not a lot to do except for relaxing on the beach and snorkelling.
  • Gili Air is the perfect mix! We absolutely loved it! It’s still calm but there are some really nice bars and restaurants, and you can still have a whole beach to yourselves.

We haven’t been to Gili T, because it didn’t seem to be our thing but we made a small guide for Gili Air and Meno.


You can easily take a boat from Gili Air to Gili Meno for the day. We stayed there for one night but you can perfectly do it in one day.

Gili Meno is the ideal place to just relax on the beach and go snorkeling. There is an incredible Statue under water just off the coast! It’s only a short swim away from the beach right in front of the resort ‘Bask’.



Click on the name of the resort to see pictures, prices and check availibility.

  • Seri Resort (a really nice hotel right on the beach, with a nice pool overlooking the ocean, and candle light dinner in the evening)


We absolutely loved this island! It wasn’t as calm as Gili Meno, the vibe was just right. In the evening you can find cozy bars with live music on the beach. During the day you can find beaches that you have all by yourself, you can bike around the island and there are amazing snorkeling spots where you can swim with turtles!

The northern part of Gili Air is home to sea turtles, so you can’t miss them if you go snorkeling there! Try not to swim at low tide because the corals will get very close. Nicolas really hurt himself because we got back too late from snorkeling (time flies when you’re having fun)!


Click on the name of the hotels/villas to see pictures, prices and check availibility.


  • Mowies (our favorite, perfect for lunch and dinner, we ate here multiple times)
  • Luckys  bar (bar on the beach with live music, perfect for sunset)
  • Mama Pizza (if you’re into pizza, this is the place to go)
Sunset on the Gili Islands

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