Paros is a small-ish island in the Aegean Sea, best known for its cute villages (and beaches). Parikia is the central town where most of the ferries arrive and is the perfect base to discover the rest of the island from. From here, everything is within a 30-minute drive with a scooter, ATV or car. Another great option to settle yourself is the town of Naoussa. Naoussa is a fishing village located in the northeast of the island and is filled with great places to eat and shop and is close to some of the best beaches in Paros.

If you’re thinking of going to the beautiful island of Paros and are keen on taking pictures, you might be wondering where the best Instagram spots in Paros are… This guide will not only show you where you can find all the best photo spots, but also what time of the day you’ll find the best lighting and how difficult it is to find!

At the bottom of this article you will find an interactive map with the exact location of all the spots.

Ready to discover the best Instagram spots on Paros? Let’s go!

1. Bougainvillea Corner House

Difficulty to find – moderate
Best timing for photos – middle of the day

If you’ve been looking into Paros for a while, there’s a chance you have seen a picture from here before. It’s one of the most famous Instagram spots on the island (don’t worry, you won’t have to stand in line for this picture like you would in Santorini) and it’s actually the home of a Greek lady. The house is situated in the cute little town of Lefkes, one of the must-visit towns while staying in Paros!

2. Church in Parikia

Difficulty to find – easy
Best timing for photos – 1 hour before sunset

This is a spot we accidentally found while staying in Parikia. We rented an AirBnB right outside the town centre and this little church was on the way there. It’s in a pedestrian neighbourhood, so if you’re traveling by scooter, ATV or car, you’ll have to park it somewhere and find it by foot. The easiest way to find it is to go to the best ice-cream shop in Paros called ‘Vanilla Gelateria’ which is located on the corner of one of the main shopping streets. There, just take the small alley next to the gelateria and you’ll find this church 100 meter further down the alley.

3. The Monastiri Church

Difficulty to find – very easy
Best timing for photos – middle of the day or sunset

One of our favourite places on the island, the Monastiri church is a content creator’s dream. Not only did we take pictures for Instagram here, we also spent close to two hours here shooting for brands. Depending on the time of day you go here, the vibe of your shot will turn out completely different. During the day the typical Greek whites and blues will pop out really nicely, but it’s also a great location to watch the sunset and to take some nice sunset pictures. To find it, just put Monastiri Beach in your GPS, and right before it on your right you’ll find the church. There are steps to take you to the top of it, so no climbing needed.

4. The Lefkes Café

Difficulty to find – easy
Best timing for photos – middle of the day

Accidentally stumbled upon this place while walking around the stunning town of Lefkes and wanting to visit the church of Aga Triada, which is a Byzantine temple and the second largest church on the island. We were exhausted after all the walking around and sat down for a refreshing drink just in front of the church. Turns out our table was quite photogenic, so we decided to take some pictures here as well. Definitely try the home-made lemonade if you decide to come here, it’s both super refreshing and delicious!

5. The Pink Alley

Difficulty to find – hard
Best timing for photos – mid-morning

Another spot we accidentally stumbled upon while getting completely lost in Naoussa is this cute pink door surrounded by bougainvilleas. It’s located in a very small dead-end alley, so there’s not really a good reason to come here unless you live here or you’re just completely lost like we were :-).

6. Naoussa Pink Café

Difficulty to find – easy
Best timing for photos – early morning

We started this article with one of the most famous Instagram spots in Paros, so it’s only fitting that we end it on a similar note. Probably the most photographed location on Paros: the Linardo bar. Located right next to the old harbour in Naoussa, which is the place to be for dinner, you’ll find a bar white a pink door and pink flowers. Come here early in the morning will not only give you the best lighting conditions, but the bar will still be closed which makes it even easier to get the perfect shot. Naoussa is pedestrian only, so we recommend parking your vehicle outside the town centre and walking along the water to this famous spot!

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