In this blogpost we’ll tell you more about the 5 most beautiful Seychelles beaches. We’ll also discuss where they are located, and more importantly, how to get there!

5. Constance Ephélia South Beach – Mahé

Constance Ephélia is a luxury resort on the main island of Mahé in the Seychelles. It has 3 beaches: the North Beach and the South Beach. The North Beach is large and not crowded at all, mainly because the water isn’t very blue. Once you get to the other side of the resort and see the South Beach: turquoise water heaven!

How to get there: The easiest way is to be a hotel guest or have lunch at the hotel. Just arrive by car with a reservation and security will let you through the gate. But even when you’re not a guest of the hotel, you can visit this beach! All you need is a boat to drop you off! Finding a boat for daytrips in the Seychelles is a piece of cake.

4. Six Senses Beach – Felicité

Felicité is a heavy forested granitic island next to La Digue and is the fifth largest island in The Seychelles. It consists of just 1 luxury hotel: Six Senses Zil Pasyon – you can read our review about the resort here! Long ago, the island used to be a coconut plantation. With room rates around $2000 per night, not everyone will be able to stay here. If your wallet allows it, you should definitely book a villa here! The beaches here are definitely in the top 5 of most beautiful Seychelles beaches: absolutely stunning!

How to get there: As for most hotel beaches in the Seychelles the easiest will be by boat. Six Senses Zil Pasyon also has its own helicopter and helipad, meaning you can come to this beach in just 20 minutes, straight from the airport! Or you can just take the ferry and get picked up by the hotel speedboat like we did!

3. Anse Lazio – Praslin

Anse Lazio, a public beach on Seychelles’ second largest island, is without a doubt the most beautiful beach on Praslin. It’s long and wide with very soft white sand and turquoise water. What makes it really special is the beautiful sunsets you get to see from here. We also had a lovely little setup with canapés and champagne which made it even more special. We expected Anse Lazio to be very crowded because it’s so famous, but it was relatively empty!

How to get there: If you’re staying on Praslin island, just get a rental car. Driving a car is the best way to discover the fairly large island anyway. You can also let your hotel drop you off at the beach like we did when staying at Raffles Seychelles. Taxis in the Seychelles are fairly expensive, so we even saw some people walk to the beach! We wouldn’t recommend it with the high temperatures and humidity during our stay, though!

2. Coco Beach – Coco Island

The runner-up is by far the smallest beach in our list, but also the most spectacular one! Coco Island is a mini island with a few large granite boulders and some palm trees. When we were there it was just us and another couple at first, and when they left 30 minutes later, only Laura & I were on the island. Talk about a Robinson Crusoe experience! While we didn’t try ourselves, apparently this is also a great snorkelling spot with all kinds of beautiful sea-life! We’ll let the pictures do the talking for this one as there isn’t much to say except that it’s stunning!

How to get there: We actually kayaked to Coco Island from Felicité, which took less than 5 minutes. If you’re not staying on Felicité, the easiest option will be to book a half-day trip and take a boat or catamaran from La Digue or Praslin.

1. Anse Source d’Argent – La Digue

Voted most beautiful beach in the world numerous times, this one was always going to come up on top in our Top 5 most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles! We arrived early morning and had the whole beach all to ourselves for the better part of 3 hours, but once the clock hit 10am and the ferry with tourists arrived, it got very crowded very quickly! Even with the masses of people, it’s still one of the top 3 beaches we’ve ever been to! We just wished we would’ve stayed on La Digue longer than 1 day to enjoy it even more!

How to get there: The easiest and cheapest way to get to La Digue will be by ferry. You can take it both in Mahé as well as in Praslin. Once you arrive on La Digue you can rent a bike, from where it’s a 10 minute ride to the beach. Anse Source d’Argent is located in l’Union Estate, at which you’ll have to pay an entrance fee of 100 SCR to enter, which is about 8 USD at current exchange rates. Well worth it!



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